Monday, February 14, 2011

Las Vegas, NM for the weekend :)

 Eating AWESOME burritos :)
 Couldn't get a good pic lol but this is Mrs. Gina and Lunder man :)
 Eating Potatos :) Rivie thought they were Oh, so good!
 Grandpa Phil :)
 The awesome potatos Rivers liked so much!
 Hanging by the train tracks....
 The LOVER of the trains get to stand on the tracks...would have been awesome except he was terrified lol

 Yeah, as you can tell I was NOT prepared for the snow...In my defense Albuquerque was 70 degrees when I left :(

 Look How massive this train is! London couldn't stop looking at it :)
 My toes are getting frost bite :)
 Had a BLAST under the table!
 Tired out from all the action
A Man and his Dad...

We had a blast! The boys loved seeing Miss Gina and Grandpa Phil! Part 2 to come....Look out....It's even better than part one.....

Yeah, I said it ;)

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  1. Aww, I'll bet London was in Heaven next to that train! And Rivers is so cute all tuckered out!


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