Thursday, June 30, 2011

SeamsMod Winner!

So ya'll should still check out Seams Mod on etsy! AMAZING quality at a GREAT price!

here are some of her FABULOUS items :)

Onto the WINNER!
SeamsMod is generously giving....

Steph said...
I hearted Seams Mod on etsy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Carri's Creations Giveaway!

SOOO... this Woman is awesome! This lady is FABULOUS! This lady is so stinkin FUN! AND she is happily married and pregnant with her second beautiful baby girl :) She is  crafter and a supporter of ALL things handmade!
And guess what?? She is hosting a giveaway today! Woo Hoo!

Her etsy shop is Carri's Creations....these are a few of the amazing things she makes!

She is a breeze to work with... she wants YOU to be happy!  It is a JOY to find people who care about their customers!  I found that in Carri!

She makes PERSONAL things you will cherish FOREVER. And guess what?? they are double sided charms! Just turn around the charm and you got a whole different look!

Carri would like to GIVE one of YOU a choice of ANY one item in Carri's shop....OR a custom piece!!! The pictures DO NOT do her stuff justice. They are BEAUTIFUL and unique!  I LOVE my charms!

How to enter: 

Would live for everyone that enters to become a public

 follower of this blog! The more people reading the

more exposure for the shops featured here :) Thank you for

supporting handmade! 

Mandatory entry: 

* Go check out the Fabulous Carri’s Creations  and come

and tell me what you would LOVE to Own and cherish!

* AND what you did in High school….were you in the band playing FABULOUS instruments?? Or playing you some b-ball….how did you spend most of your high school years??

I LOVED running…notice the word LOVED lol but I was a pretty good cross country runner back in the day…NOT that I am conceited or anything…;)

Optional entries!

* Heart Carri’s Creations shop on etsy!

*Go like Carri’s Creations on Facebook!

* Follow Carri’s BLOG!

*Sign up for email updates :) right over there :)

* Blog, Tweet, or Share on facebook (up to three entries :))

SUPER bonus entries!

Purchase something from her fabulous Shop on etsy! 3


(Comment 3 times!)
DISCOUNT! 20% off of your purchase for the duration of the
 giveaway! Enter - FAMILYFASHION

at checkout!
PLUS the 3 entries if you purchase! Double WIN!

XOXO Peeps,

Monday, June 27, 2011

Our walk with PURITY week 2

Walk with purity Week 2 has very real content. This is something that

 really happened... I also want to be sensitive to the fact that some may

 find it hard to read. so please consider this before reading on.

I choose to remain anonymous to protect the emotions of my family.
Dear Lord,
please use my story for your glory.
My story is not quite as glamorous as the previous story.
I did not save sex for marriage.

Growing up, I was taught by my Christian family that sex was for marriage. No questions asked. My mother was a victim of sexual abuse as a child, and was, therefore, extremely protective of me and did not allow me to be alone with boys or men.

I was 19 years old and in college, freshman year.
I was extremely fit, and visited the gym at all hours of the night.
One night after leaving the gym I went to the restroom to freshen up before heading back to my dorm.
There was a strange man in the lobby of the bathroom when I was leaving, and he startled me. I simply avoided eye contact and darted for the door. He grabbed me from behind and began to sexually assault me. He did not rape me.
Rapenoun, verb, raped, rap·ing.
1.the unlawful compelling of a woman through
physical force orduress to have sexual
2. any act of sexual intercourse that
is forced upon a person.

He proceeded to call me profane names and pulled a knife out of his pocket. I seriously thought I was going to be dead. I thought he was going to slit my throat and leave me for dead. Afterwards I wished he did kill me, but I later found peace. He stuck the blade of the knife (approximate 7-8 inches) inside of my vagina. As you could probably assume, I began to bleed and feel excruciating pain…. That’s all story that I can share, I don’t really remember what happened from this point. I know I ended up at the hospital with people I didn’t know, and I told no one.

This lead to extreme emotions as you could imagine.

I attempted suicide.

I didn’t want to be alive.

Skip forward about a year.

I’m in a serious relationship now and begin to feel guilty. This guy that knows me so well has not even seen me like that creep saw me. I hated that I had “given myself” to a stranger, not my boyfriend. I beat myself up and felt like “he deserved to have sex with me.” I gave in and we had sex. We had lots of sex. I didn’t feel guilty about having sex with this guy because I knew I was going to marry him.
Until we broke up. Then I felt like I ruined myself.
Cue depression.
Cue giving up on marriage && boys all together.
Then I found my husband who loves me no matter what. He loves me even though I had not stayed pure. He loved me even though I had physical and emotional scars. He loves me even though I bled profusely sometimes we made love. He loves me even though I sometimes freak out when I’m reminded of that horrible bathroom scene. Husband loves me even though I had a flashback and began to kick and punch him picturing that evil man.
My view on sexual purity?
It’s so much more than physicality.
In order to remain pure physically, one must remain pure emotionally.
The eyes are a lamp unto our heart.

Proverbs 4:23 says that “
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Sexual purity is remaining pure in what…
 you look at.
what you say.
what you listen to.
who you hang out with.
If you let it creep into your life in your music, you will become immune.
I used to think it was ok.
Now I’m married and have drastically changed my mind.
Just the other day husband and I were having some problems.
I was not being compared, I was comparing myself.
To my old self. To my 20 year old self who could push my body and move in ways that are not possible today. I feel guilty for not being able to give that to my husband. I know that I have been redeemed and forgiven, and my husband is “200%” satisfied. The thing people always say is “remain pure & pursue those who are pure so that you won’t be compared to another girl.”
Well, I’m the one who does the comparing.
College self with lots of energy and in shape and very flexible.
Career self who works 40+ hours a week and is always tired and has arthritis.
{note, husband and I have found was to still remain passionate despite my physical ailments, wink}

I encourage you to remain pure…
1. Because the Lord commands us
2. Because your husband deserves it
3. You will beat yourself up in your sexual relationship with your husband more than you think. You will compare yourself to your old self. You will feel guilty. It’s not worth it.

Also, if you are a sexual assault victim, PLEASE PLEASE tell someone. It’s too much for one to bottle in. I became suicidal, and I didn’t deserve that. I did myself a big disservice by not accessing the resources available to me.

Now, I have a husband who loves me even though I did not remain pure.
And guess what? I’m healed. Praise the Lord! We’re going to be able to have children. The doctor said my stuff is “textbook.”
Also, comment here with your email address if you’d like to ask further questions or ask for advice.I will respond and counsel as much as I can.

Family Update in Pictures :)

Okay, I have been so busy... I haven't been able to update ya'll on my sweet boys! They are getting SO big MUCH too fast! PLUS I am LOVIN photography! SO... I would LOVE to know what ya'll think :)

FAV of Lunder :) 

Fav of Rivers :) 
FAV pic of all time...London is making Rivers Laugh! 

Sneaky... but he thinks it s worth it! 
There you have it... They are getting MASSIVE... Anyone know how to stop that from happening PLEASE let me know :) Rivers is talking so much and the boys are hilarious together. I LOVE being their Mama!

Weight LOSS Week 3!

Okie Dokie!
I am so proud of you Jon!

Starting weight : 272.9

Current Weight : 264.0
-8.9 pounds!
Woo hoo!

Weekly pictures!

 I can totally tell he is loosing weight in his belly!

He is improving on his running times and able to walk less and run for longer periods of time! He is pretty stoked about it! I am hoping to have him guest post about his experiences next week! That way he can tell ya'll how he is feeling and how stinkin hard it 
Thanks for reading he LOVES reading the comments! He gets all excited when he gets home!!
But wait...Who doesn't like comments :) hehe

Thursday, June 23, 2011

41 West Designs Winner!

SO.... I LOVE 41 west designs... I basically want one of everything in Britt's shop! Seriousness...I am in LOVE :) Check out some of my NEW favs from 41 West Designs etsy shop!

So, as for the winner.... picked....

True Random Number Generator 30

nursewhitney_2006 said...

Hearted both kelsey and 41 west designs on etsy - Whitney @

Seriousness??? I had to add in the random number pic....JUST because My SISTER won! Woo hoo! I am SO excited! Congrats Whit!
Thank you to ALL who entered! Remember to support 41 West Designs!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crystelle Chic Giveaway!

So, I have been following this Gorgeous lady and her shop for a WHILE now :)

And, can I just say....I LOVE it!

Seriously, this is a shop that make you SWOON.

I have a thing for earrings...I just can't help myself :)

Crystelle makes the most GORGEOUS earrings. I want EVERY pair of earrings in her shop!

Here are a few of my favorites :)

Gorgeous right?? I am dying here... :)

ummm...YES! I need one of these for my newborn photo shoots!  Simply, Fabulous. This girl does EVERYTHING!

She is a fabulous business woman, and is Wonderful to work and correspond with. You will LOVE everything from her shop :) and cherish it for years to come :)

Check out the Adult hats! Yes, she does that too! Crazy right?? She is AMAZIN :)

Fabulous right?? LOVE!

Oh, and headbands too :) I totally want me one of these! So stinkin gorgeous!

 I want this to put on my MANY hats...I am pretty sure I am obsessed...and JUST as obsessed with decorating my hats with pretties like this!
Last but not least we have hair clips! Umm... YES please! Gorgeousness!

Oh and I forgot to mention....Crystelle is giving away a 25.00 gift certificate to one of YOU... to her FABULOUS shop! I am SO jealous of the winner!!!  You can get SO many things with this credit! Woo Hoo! So excited...I am ELATED!

How to enter: 

Would live for everyone that enters to become a public

 follower of this blog! The more people reading the

more exposure for the shops featured here :) Thank you for

supporting handmade! 

Mandatory entry: 

* Go check out the Fabulous Crystelle Chic and come

and tell me what you would LOVE to Own and cherish!
* AND what your all time Favorite movie is!!!
Can you tell I LOVE to get to know ya'll?? hehe :)

Optional entries!

* Heart Crystelle Chic shop on etsy!

*Sign up for email updates :) right over there :)

* Blog, Tweet, or Share on facebook (up to three entries :))

SUPER bonus entries!

Purchase something from her fabulous shop on etsy 3


XOXO Peeps,
This FABULOUS contest ends July 6th, 2011 at 11:59 pm