Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Update in Pictures :)

Okay, I have been so busy... I haven't been able to update ya'll on my sweet boys! They are getting SO big MUCH too fast! PLUS I am LOVIN photography! SO... I would LOVE to know what ya'll think :)

FAV of Lunder :) 

Fav of Rivers :) 
FAV pic of all time...London is making Rivers Laugh! 

Sneaky... but he thinks it s worth it! 
There you have it... They are getting MASSIVE... Anyone know how to stop that from happening PLEASE let me know :) Rivers is talking so much and the boys are hilarious together. I LOVE being their Mama!


  1. So cute! I love your pictures! How far apart are your boys?

  2. Tyler said, "She has the cutest boys. Aside from Jack." LOL. They are so cute....we need to get our kids together & make them be BFFs like us. Haha ;]

  3. Great pics, Your boys are adorable.


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