Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Totrilla recipe :)

SOOOO here goes :)

I am Spanish :) Yes, I know I am blond and blue eyed....I get that from my Daddy who is 100% Anglo :) so really I am 1/2 Spanish but STILL Spanish!

Anyway, when I was little I went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house EVERY Wednesday! How fun is that?? My grandma always had fresh beans and chile and homemade tortillas! Never failed! As we got older my Grandma started working again and stoped making tortillas. needless to say I totally missed it!

Don't worry there is a point... : /

My Grandpa asked my grandma to teach him to make tortillas! Hew missed them so much he was willing to do it himself! He has been making them a few years now and they are the BEST softest best smelling tortillas I have ever tasted.

Is anyone with me when I say I despise the smell of store bought tortillas? Nothing worse.

After being married 3 years and buying tortillas and not being able to talk myself into eating them I broke down and asked my Grandpa to teach me ow to make them :)

I have made batch after batch after batch....literally I tried like 100 times... and I finally got it! Maybe I can pass onto you an easy way of making tortillas so that you can make them yourself without hours of time and tons of BAD tortillas in the trash lol

Here goes.....

5 cups all purpose flour poured onto the cup not scooped with the measuring spoon....(IMPORTANT ;))
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 tsp lard (no more or your tortillas will break)
1 1/2 Tablespoons of salt
HOT water

Put the flour into a large bowl. Add in the salt and baking soda. Mix well. Add in the Lard. With your hands mix well all through the flour.  Sometime rubbing your hands together with the lard and flour helps.

Get your water as HOT as possible.  Fill up a drinking cup and pour. My guess is I use about 24 to 30 oz water.  If you don't put enough water your tortillas will be hard if you want the dough to be ALMOST sticky. it feels sticky but doesn't come off on your hands.

 You are going to knead for about 10 minutes. Then make racket ball sized patties :)
 Start rolling with the patties you made first since they had a chance to rise...

 If they aren't round it is okay :) They will taste just as good :)
Turn on your stove to HOT and let it warm up. Flip the tortillas onto the Cast iron skillet  the side that was on the counter needs to be the side touching the skillet, that way the tortilla doesn't shrink. wait about 20 seconds (will look like the picture above) then flip
the other side should look like the picture below.
roll out the next tortilla in about 30 seconds
then take the tortilla off and place covered in a clean towel.
Be careful not to over cook...They will be hard if overcooked :)
 All you have left is to enjoy! Can't get much better than a bit of butter on a warm soft tortilla ;)


  1. Wow!! Look at you Senora Family Fashion and Facts lady!!!
    Would never have guessed. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Also, thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe...great history in these, Im sure! :)

  2. Oh yum! I just tried making tortillas for the first time last week and they turned out pretty good. But I need to try this with the hot water! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yay! I can't wait to try these! I agree, I HATE store-bought tortillas. And... I heard Spanish is actually fair skin with light hair and eyes... Anyways... not so hard to believe!


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