Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LONG mornings...

Woke up to a boy rubbing his blanket, "b" in my face. Followed my a scream from the other room. Obviously Rivers dislikes when London leaves him alone in his room :)

Feed the boys. Went to go fill up a waterbottle for them to drink with their breakfast. I thought I would be able to wake up and sit down for a bit while they ate.

By the time I got back they were both done and wanted down. I had to go pee so I left them in the living room for about a minute. This is what I came back to.........

They were playing "Trains in the tunnels, on the tracks!"
At 8:45am I went to put Rivers down for his first nap. I always change his diaper before naps. I am changing him to descover the poop had exploded all up his back. This means there is poop ALL over the carpet. While I am finishing cleaning up rivers so that I can clean the poop on the carpet......London walks in (mind you he is supposed to stay downstairs while I put Rivs to bed.) and steps on the poop diaper.

As I try to scoop up London to avoid a second poop footprint Rivers, now clean, crawls off without a diaper. While I clean London's foot and send him back downstairs I hear something that doesn't sound quite right.

Rivers was peeing on the carpet. Yes, That's how that diaper change went down. After cleaning everything up, I come back downstairs to find....TRASH EVERYWHERE. The bag of trash, I had planned on taking out to the dupster was now on my floor, couch, rug, EVERYWHERE and in the middle stood a smiling boy...

That smiling boy helped me clean up....Thank Jesus for a great helper :)

Like I said in my post last night...I am TIRED ALL the time. I can hardly keep up with these fun loving, crazy boys! Yes, it was a LONG morning....Good thing they are TOTALLY worth it :)


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