Tuesday, April 5, 2011


*  I LOVE my Jesus

*  I HEART Handmade.

*  I struggle with PATIENCE

*  I LOVE kissing my boys... All three of them.

*  I LOVE getting kisses... From All three of them.

*  I MISS my husband ALL day and can not wait for him to be home.

*  I LOVE snuggling.

*  My husband does not.

*  This is why God gave me TWO snugly boys.

*  I LOVE sunsets.

*  I think I take AMAZING pictures of flowers.... Truth is...I'm not that great.

*  I wear the SAME earrings for MONTHS at a time.

*  I LOVE writing...I wish I had more time.

*  I snuggle with my dog, Fray, when I am sick.

*  I LOVE pictures.

*  I HEART movies

*  I severely DISLIKE commercials

*  I don't watch TV so I find out current events on facebook...SAD I know.

*  I get DISCOURAGED easily.

*   I love a CLEAN house but I DISLIKE organizing.

*  I am ALWAYS tired.

............TO BE CONTINUED

Thank you for reading :)

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  1. I'm with ya on the "I'm always tired" what's with that eh?


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