Monday, May 23, 2011

Bloggy Friends FOREVER :)

Today, I wanted to introduce to you... The Bloggy Friends Forever Bracelet!

I designed it for all of YOU!

I have LOVED getting to know all of you!
I LOVE that the bloggy world is all connected! I JUST adore that I have so many GREAT friends because I am apart of the blogging world :)

So, This is yet another way...We can ALL be connected!  

Each bracelet is made of pearl beads wrapped around two pieces of 1.8 mm leather cord and finished with a mother of pearl button :)

I ADORE how it turned out! AND since YOU inspired me! and YOU are a bloggy BFF you I am providing a secret coupon code just for all of YOU!

20% off this Bloggy BFF bracelet! Email me for the code!

I would LOVE to see pics of YOU with your bracelet!

I would also LOVE feedback!

Here is the link to the Wrap bracelet that is in my shop :)

You all are so special to me! Thank you for inspiring me!



  1. I am debating on whether or not to just buy it {since i NEED THIS DESPERATELY} or wait to see if I won... ;)

    Well... at least I think the giveaway isn't over yet...

  2. I super love this idea! I love how you are trying to connect bloggers even more, it is fabulous. I would love to buy one, but honestly can't afford it right now. I will definitely keep it in mind though!


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