Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear Baby Broshious...

Dear baby Broshious,

I am pretty sure you should come see us today.

Your due date is not till Thursday...

BUT...Even though your mama LOVES being Pregnant. You are making her

super uncomfortable being such a LOW rider and all.

I am pretty sure you will Adore being in your mama's arms and feeling her kiss

your head.  By the way... You will LOVE how crazy your Auntie is (Yeah, just cuz I am JUST that cool! LOL)...

Plus your uncles are SUPER cool...They will teach you all the gross stuff your

dada and mama don't want you to know.

Your Dada is pretty stoked to be able to hold you and hug you...And if your

anything like your brother...You will be AMAZING at sports.

Your Auntie "A" is the snuggler... so she will kiss your yaya's and bobo's and

hug you during movies...

Oh, and Sasa and Gramps...They are the highlight of ALL grand kids

days...Yup...I am pretty sure you will like it here.

You are loved...

So don't be afraid...We want to meet you...and see your sweet face...


Your Auntie K...

P.S. Did I tell you there isn't an option? Okay, so see you later today...xoxo


  1. So sweet. I wish you a healthy new family member. So wonderful, LP from A Crafty Southern Chick just gave birth a few days again to her babyboy! I love new babies! Be sure to give us the good news!

    Lucky 7 Design

  2. Happy baby Day Auntie K!! I'm home from snuggling up my niece for a few days-- seriously wanted to pack her up in my bag and bring her home! Hoping for a smooth delivery and healty baby. hugs too you and your family! xo Auntie S.

  3. Awe :) so sweet!!!! Love you :) you forgot how cool uncle B can be lol ;) -whit


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