Monday, May 30, 2011


So, I had a little bit of an emotional afternoon...This is why...

SOOO.... I DO check to make sure ya'll have truly done all of the entries. AND this time I am SAD to say that four out of the first FIVE picked had NOT done all the steps/entries that they had said they had done :( 

My desire and hope is to HELP these entrepreneurs...NOT just give free stuff away. I want to help. I want to introduce these businesses to a NEW group of people.

I feel like I am spending time and putting my heart into this....and it is very discouraging....
Made me want to cry....
God has called me to this...I know He has. Maybe I need to go about it a different way??

PLEASE, in the future, know that I DO check to see if the entries have been done.

Please support these entrepreneurs and DO the steps required to enter...Thank you :)



  1. I've had the same problem before too when I go through giveaway entries...don't be discouraged...sometimes with all the entries, people get a bit ahead of themselves and don't do everything they thought they did, or planned to do.
    Don't be discouraged! Keep going, you know your calling :)

  2. Don't feel bad! Don't be discoraged because there are people who belive in your cause as well!

  3. Congratulations Lani!

    (If I had won, know that I had done all of the steps. But I guess you do know that since I won the Aubrey Plays giveaway!)

  4. i am so sorry --- we have this happen on our blog too; but i love how open you are about sharing your discouragement.

    although, i did have issues connecting with GFC the day i posted my comments --- i hope you saw my follow up comment. sorry about that.

  5. I'm sorry not everyone follows the rules. I think sometimes they comment before they do it like Sarah said. I've forgotten where I left off before. :)
    You are doing a great job!

  6. Don't give up! At least you checked so you did what you can can not be held accountable for their poor decisions! You keep doing what you're suppose to do...especially if you feel a calling!!! It will get better!!


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