Thursday, June 16, 2011

4 years of Bliss..or almost all Bliss

So June 16th is a super special day for me and my super hot Husband. Today marks four years together. Four years married. Four years of learning each other. Four years of seeking Jesus together.

Sum up of our story... This is going to be super duper long... I applaud you if you stick with it :) xoxo

* Met in November 2005 - I thought he was gross...he had long hair and a massive beard. lol thought he had a hygiene problem!

* December 2005 - Became work friends :) liked to talk snowboarding, sports, and tell each other funny jokes...(Ironically we still talk about all this and have NEVER gone snowboarding together) we talked about music and especially the fray... I LOVE the fray and he started lovin them too!:)

*January 2006 - The guy cut off his hair and beard...and the HOTNESS was revealed :) AND he was a personal trainer and an ex college football he was super ripped...remember be mentioning the super sexy side muscle just above the hip...YEAH, that was him :)

* February 14th 2006 I was just finished teaching swim lessons (I don't think he EVER saw me with makeup and hair done. just a wet swim instructor and swim coach... So, I was just about to leave for the night...YES we were both working on valentines day. Did I mention I HATED valentines day till THIS day?? Well, he proceeded to tell me that he got some super RAD pics of him doing some super SICK jumps while snowboarding and he had the pics in his I walked out with him...and instead of pics he pulled out this massive bouquet of roses. and a sweet little stuffed animal and a card. Until that day...I hadn't even thought about dating anyone. I had just gotten out of a BAD relationship and didn't want to have anything to do with boys...AT ALL.

*Hung out a few days later...outside of work...and I fell in LOVE. We didn't have love at first sight we Had LOVE at first date. I saw HIM for who he was. I saw a new believer who was so desperately wanting to follow Jesus with everything he had.

* We had both made some mistakes in previous relationships...regarding purity. and after making out a few times...decided that we didn't want to make any more mistakes this time around. In July 2006 we started courting. More to come in my purity story. :)

* We LOVED being together We ADORED seeing each other. COULDN'T get enough...

* February 10, 2007 Jon told me to dress up and put on my heels we are Going out! I knew exactly what was going to happen lol everyone tried to keep it a secret but seriously, Jon liked me in sweats...and to tell me to dress up plus my whole family knew and were too excited not to give their opinion on what I wore :) Knowing made me SO nervous. I had known for a year that I was going to marry this man but was filled with emotions about growing up and how my relationship with my parents would change. I have always been scared of change. It isn't easy for me.

Jon took me out to a fancy dinner and then took me to our favorite prayer spot...We had LOTS of bible studies and long talks in this baseball field. It is a STILL a special place to me. When I was in high school and needed to get away I would run there and pray. Get away from everything the drama, the gossip, and even just feeling. God was there with me it was my spot to share with Jesus.
Jon took me to this special spot and put on the Fray...and we danced...those of you who know me...KNOW I LOVE to dance. I just love it. and he danced with me. Then he hugged me and got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I remember him saying "I want to glorify Jesus with YOU by my side."
He pulled out this Gorgeous ring. (Which meant a lot - he had been saving for MONTHS. he didn't make much money working as a trainer so for him to buy me a diamond ring free and clear was HUGE.) All I can say is, I have an amazing God who gave me an AMAZING man. Perfect for ME. HE is so good to us.
*Anyway, The hard stuff started. It was increasingly harder to stay pure. and on top of that we had MAJOR problems with his family. His mom was mean and cruel to me. She didn't want to loose her "baby" to me. There were lots of profanities and horrible things said to me. This became an increasingly bigger issue...and it continued into our marriage.

 *We had an amazingly magical wedding day regardless of all the issues going on around us. The next day... honeymoon time! I was so happy to get away from all the awfulness of planning a wedding and family issues...just to find out. Problems aren't something you can leave behind.

*We had a VERY hard first year of marriage. I cried we said mean things because we were hurt. We were heart for reasons we couldn't even express. it was a downward spiral. Most of our problems had to do with family. Jon's mom had a HUGE grip on him. I say this because it was HUGE in our marriage NOT to hurt or talk bad about his mom. It felt like, she replaced her cheating husband with Jon. And she felt like I was taking her husband from her. She was manipulative and mean. It was awful. BUT if I said anything about it Jon would get angry because I was talking BAD about his mom. and after all...Children LOVE their parents.

Finally, with the council and help of my family...I let go of my hurt...and PRAYED for him...for months nothing happened. things actually got worse... AS I sat back and waited and prayed and LOVED Jon. God spoke to him. Jon ended up wanting to go to counseling to get help..not something I could have forced him to do. Our marriage counselor helped Jon see the TRUTH and realize what a hold Jon's mom had on him. How manipulative she was and how it was affecting me. It was AMAZING. It was CRAZY. I had my husband back. God used all of this awfulness to free him from this situation.

 I say ALMOST bliss because of this first bit of our marriage...but I am increasingly thankful for every but of the awfulness because We wouldn't be where we are now. I feel like we are back in courtship... we ADORE the time we have with each other...we can't get enough....We love to make out and cuddle. He calls be JUST to tell me he loves and misses me. The biggest blessing of all...
We can finally glorify God while walking hand in hand.

Today I feel...

Only 1/2 a person without him.
He IS my other half.
God is who makes us both WHOLE
I feel like God has used our heartache to bring us closer together.
I feel God working
I am thankful
God's grace is sufficient for me.
Forgiveness is AMAZING
I am learning
I am happy
I am joyful
I am elated
I am blessed
God is GOOD

So, guess what WE get to do tomorrow??? I get an over night date tomorrow! A night full of good food and dancing... Sounds amazing right???
I am SO excited!
I LOVE you Jon. You are the most amazing and perfect man I could ever have asked for. God is SO good to us.
I LOVE you so much I just want to "smoke" you :)


  1. Wow. What a beautiful story. Marriage is hard but you stuck it out with Gods help alone. Blessings to both of you Kels!

  2. Beautiful! Just beautiful! :) So happy for the both of you! God is so good to us if we let Him be :) Happy anniversary!!!

  3. What a wonderful post!!! Boy, do we have similar life stories or what. I'll have to tell you sometime ;] I definitely know from experience that Heavenly Father gives us challenges to build us up and make us stronger. Through the trials, we come out stronger and when we look back, we may remember how hard it was, but we are very much aware of how crucial it was to our development. I'm so happy that you and Jon love each other so much! It is a wonderful feeling :]

    Thanks for sharing this. I love this post!

  4. aw!! congrats! that's funny! we almost have the same ANNIVERSARY DATE:)

  5. LOVE**** God has so blessed the two of you with each other - that feeling of only being 1/2 when not around him; i SOO love that feeling! {sorry about the MIL - we definitely struggled with this UNTIL craig became a Christian - i am so sorry sweet friend!}. have a great time tonight --- enjoy, laugh, sing, dance, eat well!! :)

  6. Kels what a beautiful story! Im so glad that Love & Prayer prevailed. In a prior life (lol) I have been in this situation, thankfully its in the past and Im glad that it is for you too.

    I have enjoyed getting to know you more and more everyday and this just is another piece to your puzzle.

    Long life of love to Jon and Kelsey!

    Lucky 7 Design

  7. What a great story!! Im glad things worked out -- but of course you know, through Christ all things are possible!


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