Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6 months...

Today marks EXACTLY 6 months blogging.

Weird right?? feels like I JUST started.

I woke up this morning and Jon says, "It's already June." When he said that... a few things flashed through my mind...

*Has it really been 6 months?? Weird to think how fast the year is going by.
*Sometimes I feel like I need to slow down so I don't miss any part of my babies growing up.
*AMAZED at how this blog has grown!
*My ALMOST FINISHED Creative writing degree is finally getting some use!
*Is this still where HE has me??

Then I thought and prayed and HE brought THIS to mind....

I LOVE my Jesus. 
I LOVE my Family. 
I LOVE writing. 
I LOVE crafting 
LOVE pictures. 
I LOVE handmade.
I LOVE friends.


HE has given me a place to bring all of the things I LOVE  all together in one place. 
Isn't He SO good?? 
I am amazed. I feel so blessed to have all of you on this road with me too!
I heart each and every one of my 424 Bloggy Friends Forever. I LOVE reading your comments and I LOVE getting emails from ya'll :) They make my day!

So I want to Thank My Jesus for giving me so many things I LOVE.
I want to thank my husband for being so stinkin supportive
Thank you to all the handmade businesses who are sharing the love of handmade and growing their businesses!

AND Thank you to ALL of YOU! For growing my blog in a way I never thought it would grow! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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  1. Kels - you are amazing!! LOVE YOU! So glad we are VBs. :] Congrats on your blog's success!! YAY KELS!


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