Monday, June 20, 2011

Weight Loss Journey Week 2!

Week 2!

Okay, so this is actually the start of his third week... so TWO full weeks of working out for this Man!

Took measurements this morning. Will have updated measurements every week :)

Starting weight :) 272.9

Current Weight : 269.0
-3.9 pounds!

Chest: 48 1/2 in
Hips: 44 1/2 in
Arms: 15 1/4 each
Legs : 25 1/4 at the largest part of the thigh
Stomach: 47 1/2

This weeks pictures :)

 Caught him coming in the door from a long run and major lifting :)
 Shirt is SOAKED!
 Look at that nastiness :) lol
 LOVE that face :) he is hilarious. and for all ya'll that asked :) that is a heartagram... NOT a pretzel LOL

 The little boy got in the way :)

Close up of the tattoo for all of you who wanted to see :)

Anyway, he is making progress with his running! He is able to run longer stretches without as many rest periods. He is lifting 4 days a week. Running 5 days a week! Weekends he is resting.

Thanks for ALL your encouragement last week! He LOVED reading the comments! SO proud of him! Great job Jon! Keep it up!


  1. wow.. that's so awesome!!!! wtg!! how are you feeling?? more tired or more energy?? (just wondering how I'm gonna be feeling once my back finally heals)

  2. congratulations on making it two weeks --- keep it up, stay focused, remember that amazing feeling when your endorphins are kicking into high gear right after a workout when you think you want to skip a day!!! :) :)

  3. Good for him!!

    I have been reading and being a secret cheerleader over here. ;)


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