Friday, July 1, 2011

Making some BIG changes...

Hey Hey!
So I wanted to give ya'll a heads up :)

Blogger is getting increasingly difficult to use. People are unable to comment on posts OR click on links. Not to mention they have deleted posts and comments quite frequently. I am not able to post at times because "blogger is down"  Blogger has been so hit and miss...I feel like I can not fully support the businesses I am supporting if this is happening.

So, I have decided to make the switch to my own server.
It was a difficult decision knowing that I would be putting money out there that we don't have...I think most of ya'll know My hubby is in school and we have been living off our savings for almost a year now. My business helped with the expenses and that was a HUGE blessing :) and I am THRILLED with the way it is coming out!

I am going to be able to promote these businesses easily! The navigation is perfect for what my dream and mission is! I cannot wait to be able to promote these businesses to the full potential I can!

So, here comes the difficult part...I decided to switch my blog domain to Smitten By A Promise. I have put A LOT of money and giveaways into Family fashion and facts and to switch was a bit devastating... I had to make a new Facebook page and loosing over 500 fans was hard. BUT I have some amazing friends promoting for me which is REALLY encouraging :)

Smitten By A Promise MEANS something to me...the name came from
1 John 2:25 which says, " And this is the promise that He has promised us—eternal life." God has promise those who choose to follow him and have a relationship with Him eternal life! It is also, the name of my etsy shop! I thought in the long run it would be so much better! 

 Anyway, this website will run the same as Family fashion and facts it will just have a different name and look :) Giveaways every Thursday and everything! Thank you all for sticking with me! This was a hard decision but I believe businesses will benefit :) As soon as the website is up and running I will let ya'll know!

Also, I am so computer illiterate that I NEEDED help with this project lol So, I met Aimee a while back and we were instant friends! When I posted on facebook about anyone having solutions to the blogger problem she came to my aid! AND she is AMAZING! If ya'll are thinking about switching is AMAZING it is definitely worth taking a look at! She will work with you till you LOVE your website! Click HERE for her facebook page! And HERE for her website!

Thanks for understanding everyone! AND look out for the BIG reveal!


P.S. if ya'll would follow me on facebook you will get the NEWEST updates available! Click HERE to head on over to Smitten By A Promise!

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  1. you are an AMAZING woman, wife, mommy & friend. keep up the good work & i look forward to helping you launch your new website; it is amazing!!


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