Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Most Embarrasing Moment...

What is one of your most embarrassing moments with your children?
Most embarrassing moment would have to be the day my kids were dedicated in our church! Rivers was about 8 weeks old and London was about 1 ½, and pretty much potty trained.  The dedication happens at the end of the service so about a third of the way through the service London tells me “Potty again, mama.”
I take him, and on the way he absolutely explodes. No joke… poop goes everywhere. Keep in mind we are supposed to be on stage in a few minutes.  I didn’t take the diaper bag to the bathroom because “He is potty trained…I’ll be fine.”  I manage to ask someone for diaper and wipes. Meanwhile London is now exploding into the toilet.  My poor little man.
 After he was done I put him in that diaper “Just in case.” I try scrubbing the poop out of his cute little white button up shirt and sport jacket, along with his khaki pants. I couldn’t get it all out of his pants, so I decide not to put them back on, but got it all out of the shirt and jacket.  So we stroll back into service with a half-naked child ready for the dedication.  I put some shorts on him… this is all we had.
Next thing I know it is happening all over again. I am in the bathroom changing him and washing all the poo down the sink…that poor bathroom.  I put the soaked shirt and jacket back on and then put the wet shorts back on. We get back about 15 minutes before the dedication to have it happen yet a third time.  I get him all cleaned up and put Rivers shorts on him.
Then I RUN into the service where I hand my sick, little, sad child with shorts and a sport jacket, that is soaking wet to the pastor in front of all our friends and family and the entire congregation...YUP. That’s how it went down.  All in all it was a blessing! Jesus still got us there on time and my babies were dedicated and I felt so blessed. Stressed out but totally blessed!
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  1. Super embarrasing~ love their names!!!

  2. that's too good, that'll be a family classic story later in life! new follower, love your blog. (:

  3. following back from TTT and OurKidsMom.com. Thank you for the compliment on the header. My 18 y/o daughter made it for me. Can you believe it? :O)

  4. OMG! I can't imagine how hard that was. Poor guy! Way to go mom! You still managed to get through it all and laugh.

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