Monday, February 28, 2011

Valentines Day Surprise :) Only a Month Late :)

So, I am sharing this MUCH too late but I just had to share with you all how sweet my husband is :) Jon skipped a couple classes and brought me an enormous bouquet of flowers and a huge box of chocolates! First time he has gone traditional...usually he gets me something I love but that is totally out of the blue and perfect. This year, I couldn't have picked anything better. The colors were so rich and Gorgeous. Really, the pics don't do God's creation justice...

Gorgeous right???

 I think I might be able to sell this :)
They were so gorgeous I had a hard time eating them :) But I did...every one!
That's not quite true...Do you see the purple swirls? Jon and I about rolled on the floor laughing knowing he paid so much for a chocolate that tasted like we were eating a lavender bush...leaves and all....totally funny but the rest were amazing! Thank you my Love, you made Valentines day oh, so VERY special. I LOVE you so stinkin much I can't stop smiling. :)

More valentines fun to come !

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  1. Love the chocolates how cuter can they get!!! Anyways I found your blog on Bloggy BFF's so glad i did!!! follow me at


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