Friday, March 25, 2011

Artist Spotlight! Ellie Adorn

I am in LOVE with ALL of Ellie Adorn necklaces! Christi is an absolute JOY to work with and has such a passion for her work and to help others!  Meet Christi....

First and foremost I am a wife and mom of two little ones, a 3-year-old boy and 9-month-old girl. My shop name was inspired by my beautiful baby girl. I have always really liked shopping for cute boy clothes and accessories with my son, but things go to a whole new level with a girl. There's so much out there to adorn little girls and I love it!
I am also an artist at heart.

My home is Seattle, WA. The Pacific Northwest is filled with amazing sites and stunning nature that truly inspire me. You'll find that my jewelry (adornments for mama & child) are inspired by the beautiful colors and materials in nature, natural stones in particular. My children also inspire me on a daily basis, so you'll find many items that little ones will enjoy as well as mom.

I've been making beaded jewelry for several years, mainly as gifts for friends and family. And I've taken courses in commercial art and design. I have a degree in Communications from Loyola University in New Orleans and grew up in Florida.

I have bought 4 necklaces from Ellie Adorn 3 for gifts :) They make a very special gift for someone you care about! I wear my handmade jasper necklace constantly. Almost everyday it is around my neck! BOTH my boys LOVE it!

Lovely...isn't it?
 Isn't it just my style? I ADORE it! She can make one your style too!

You can visit Ellie Adorn in her etsy shop HERE

BUT it you want a custom order she takes them through her facebook page HERE

Trust me. You. Will. LOVE. Your. Necklace.
Check her out! For a handcrafted Necklace that is so versatile....Totally worth every penny I spent!

Just a FEW of my favs :)


  1. Thank you Kelsey! I LOVE all the pics of your family. This is so great. I was just looking at your spring line and I am in love with your adorable clutches. I'll be ordering soon!! :)

  2. I love your necklace. Cristi has some beautiful jewelry in her shop!


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