Monday, March 14, 2011

Durango Colorado

It is where we honeymooned...Snowboarded every winter....GREAT memories....New ones to be made!

Seriously, My life feels like a whirlwind...I can never catch up. Got married June 16, 2007
Found out we were expecting in January 2008
London was born in October 2008 Found out we were expecting number 2 in June 2009...
Rivers was born March 31, 2010.
All the while Jon working and going to school full time...
At times I feel as if I am a single mom trying to raise these boys. My patience falters...My voice reaches higher levels and I feel as if I am going to go CRAZY! BUT these boys are such blessings. My day is the same most days...

-Wake up.
-Bible study.
-Feed boys.
-Rivie naps.
-London's school time.
-Rivie wakes up.
-Eat lunch.
-Both go down for a nap.
-I clean as MUCH as humanly possible.
-They wake up.
-More PLAY (usually outside.They love chalk and drawing. Rivers likes to eat it and London draws train track for his trains.)
-Jon gets home.
-Make dinner.
-JON plays with the boys...usually throwing them around or wrestling :)
-BED time for the boys.
-Do as much as I possibly can to finish all the projects I have to finish. Quilt...etsy orders, NEW DESIGNS (Coming as SOON as I get back! Be on the look out!) etc.

SOOOOOO yeah, I am so excited to announce we are going to completely change our routine this week! OTHER than posting the giveaway and announcing a winner Thursday :)


Since Jon has been in school so long we haven't taken any vacations. I am SO ready to go! Seriously, I can't wait.

I will still be posing giveaways and winners....but other than that I will be MIA :)

See y'all next Monday :)

Oh, I thought I would leave you with a few pics :)
Do these make you totally jealous :) I would be jealous if I were you ;) BUT seriously, if you haven't been you NEED to go! Have a fabulously RAD week all you amazing and gorgeous readers :)


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