Thursday, March 3, 2011

FUN, FAB and totally RAD

Valentines Dinner!
 3 sisters :)
FUN, FAB and totally RAD, that we are :)
 Yes, we are crazy...BUT we are Rockin!

 Melting pot! If you ever go the  dessert is a MUST! Can I say amazing??
crème brule

 look at all that goodness!
 Shirley temples!
 Smores :)

 Newly weds!
We had so much fun! the boys TRIED to surprise us girls! They worked so hard to plan such a fun evening! I had a blast! No one better to spend a date night than with my handsome husband! I LOVE and ADORE you my Love!


  1. We too went to the Melting Pot with two other couples for Pre-Valentine was awesome :)!!! I agree...dessert is a MUST!

  2. Did you just say RAD??? Hee hee... I love rad!

    Also, love the Melting Pot?? Is that where this is taken??

    FUN! :) Thanks for sharing.


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