Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Rivers!

Rivers, it is UNBELIEVABLE to me that it has been a year! How could time have passed that quickly?

 I can remember the first time you were placed on my chest. You were so content. You didn't cry. You just looked at me with your Gorgeous blue eyes. I fell even deeper in love with you. Then you proceeded to poop all over me :) That day is so vivid in my mind. It is so hard for me to wrap around my brain that it has, in fact, been 12 months...365 days...

From the day you were born You have been COMPLETELY opposite of your brother! You have been the opposite of everything I expected. In an amazingly GREAT, unexpected way! God knew exactly what I needed when he gave me you!

Few things make me happier than seeing your sweet smile...especially when it is so BIG that you have to scrunch your face :), when you rub your hands together, because you can't contain your excitement, when you throw yourself on the ground and just laugh for no reason at all... You help us to have so much fun in the seriousness of out lives at the moment! I LOVE that you adore your brother, and I even LOVE your STUBBORNNESS!

I LOVE that your knees are so chunky that there is n way to actually find your knees :), I Adore your kisses, and your snuggles make my day! I love that you can not contain yourself when Papa comes home! I LOVE TO HEAR YOU SQUEAL WITH EXCITEMENT WHEN HE WALKS IN THE DOOR!

PLUS You had the best hair EVER and The chunky legs are just a bonus!

How does one express the LOVE that you have for your child with words? I find it is impossible. All I can say, is that I overwhelmingly in LOVE with the creation God has given me to take care of... Thank you JESUS for this amazing blessing... Rivers Elias Vigil Thank you for loving my so sweetly :)

Your Mama


  1. We love our Rivie or RRRRIIIVVVVIIIIIEEEEEEE like Brandon says. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  2. Aww Happy Birthday to sweet little Rivers!


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