Wednesday, March 9, 2011


You wondering what I am talking about? OMGoodness! if you ever have a chance to go DO IT! Still wondering what is the world I am talking about?

Wheel Chair Basketball!

The word that keeps coming to my mind is INTENSE! WAY more intense than regular basketball! They slam into each other and fly forward, usually smashing their faces... TALK about charging! CRAZY! Words can not explain you have to see for yourself :)

Our brother in law brother in law (I call him that cuz I think it is cool :) My sisters, husband's brother.) Asked us to go see him play. So much fun! We had a blast.
Eric is #52 and ready to shoot :)
I should have charged my camera and I should have brought my other lens....but sadly I didn't I was pretty bummed with myself...BUT I did get a few! In the picture above Eric is in the gold jersey in the middle :)
Good arm! Good arm!
Look at that ONE wheel action!
Block... don't do it you have to go to one yourself! Check it! You will have a blast :)

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