Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ellie Adorn - Advice on creating a successful business!

Okie Dokie... Cristi, from the Fabulous, Ellie Adorn,

(you can see what she sells HERE

has a fabulous blog post, including tips for creating tips for creating a successful

business. Or Making your business MORE successful.

I totally needed this. I wanted to share...

Here it is...Posted directly from her website HERE

P.S. This beautiful lady is Cristi!

"I’m calling today Marketing Monday! … because even with Mother’s Day so close at hand, I have NOT been able to make the time to focus on my necklace business. And I sell “Mama Necklaces” for goodness sake!

A creative outlet is a great way to help maintain composure balancing life as mom and CEO of the house. Of course for me, making jewelry became a sanity saver, led me to start my at-home Etsy business, which was followed by the blog. You can read a bit more of the story on the welcome page if you haven’t already.
When I find the time (or make time for it) collecting the stones, thinking of designs and color combinations, and sitting peacefully as I create them, really calms me and balances my anxiety. It’s a lot of fun and can be excellent “me time.”

But lately with my busy life with the blog and the kids and changing my meds, I haven’t made time, and I can feel it. I really need, want and am looking for a regular babysitter to watch R & E a few hours a week so I can make my creative outlet/small business a priority. In other words make “me time” a priority.
Are you in a similar position? I know a lot of moms who’ve started their own side businesses with their favorite creative outlet or idea. But keeping up is difficult when you’ve got mom’s shuttle service, work, the house, the chores, bath time, meal time, nap time and bed time to manage.

Believe it or not, I worked professionally in public relations and marketing in Los Angeles for over 12 years for very creative and big name companies  before having kids. So if I had the time (even just 5-10 hours per week) to really focus on my Etsy shop and business, I know exactly what I’d do. And I’m 100% sure I’d increase sales and help my mental health in the process.

My Top 10 Tips to Successful Selling Online:

1. Create a large & varied inventory of “Ready to Ship” items. In today’s fast paced world, customers want things they want, yesterday.

2. Offer custom options, but not too many. People want to personalize items to their tastes, but only to a point. Give them too many open-ended choices, and it’s just confusing. They don’t want lots of back & forth to order a simple necklace. If there are options, provide photo examples to choose from. Make it easy to choose.

3. Speaking of photos. Of course online shopping is HUGE! But people still like to touch, feel and try on. So give them photos that help them visualize virtually. Make hats or clothing for babies? Show babies wearing your hats and clothing. Make necklaces, like I do?Show close ups, size reference shots (such as the pendant laying next to a quarter), and most importantly show how it looks hanging on a neck, whether real or mannequin. You can always improve your photos!

4. Product descriptions MUST be fully complete. They should answer ever last question your customers might ask you. And if you do get product questions, be sure to update your descriptions.

5. Everyone loves a deal. Sales always pick up when you offer a discount. But make sure you’re not under-cutting yourself and your profit. You need to make money too. Your hard work and creative talent is very deserving of it.

6. Go “brick & mortar” too. If you can get your wares into one or two shops in your larger selling markets, it will really improve business. Like I said in #3, customers like to touch & feel even though they also love the convenience of online shopping. If you can offer a spot to check out your quality in person, customers will either buy right there or be more likely to come back to you in the future for an online purchase.

7. Use social media as best as you can to market to your target audience. Be engaging and responsive. Talk to your customers and followers. Answer their questions. Keep the conversation going. Today’s customers want products & people they can believe in, and you are who they’ll believe in if you let them.

8. Its a wonderful idea to cross promote with other small businesses. We’re not Fortune 500 companies competing over stock price. Cooperation and support go a long way to getting your name out. Partner for events, sales, giveaways, promotions. It will expand your audience and you’ll make great friend’s and business relationships. A added bonus. (More adult interaction mamas!)

9. Your customers are your greatest asset. Treat them as such and they’ll keep coming back AND tell their friends. Communicate. Right away. Any time. They call. Or email. Be proactive in letting them know you received their order, got it together, and shipped it.

10. Don’t stress over reviews and scores. Focus on your business and what’s important to your customers and the good reviews will come to you. Use negative feedback as an opportunity to improve and grow."

NOW, do you feel like you have a TON to work on? Me too! Check out Cristi's

 blog! She is always got helpful tips and she rocks her blog all crazy!

Hope this helps!




  1. Remember, do as I say, not as I do! :)

  2. This is awesome...thank you for sharing!!! I really learned a lot and plan on using some of these ideas on my etsy shop (Goodies By Greiner)!!!

  3. So glad you ladies found it helpful! :)


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