Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garden House - Artist Spotlight

Okay, I LOVE Garden house! And, the owner, Simone, is an absolute doll.  She is So lovely, encouraging and hilarious.
Oh, did I meantion that she has Two gorgeous girls who are fabulous models for her products? Yeah, She has got it all!
Ya'll should really check out her shop!
So, I participated n a giveaway over at Simone's BLOG a few weeks back. I WON! How fabulous is that? Well, the giveaway was a surprise! I wouldn't know what I won till it arrived at my door! Boy was I Surprised to open a box with this beauty in it!

It is everything I LOVE! Pink and green are my absolute favorite colors!
And I am ALWAYS up for anything quilted, unique, and bright!

SOOO....Simone is having another giveaway tomorrow! Go check it out HERE! But in the meantime...Check out my Gorgeous Purse and check out her shop!

Here are a few items available in her shop NOW!


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  1. You are so sweet! Love all your photos. Thanks for the spotlight girlie! xo-


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