Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{Just. Lovely. Things} Artist Spotlight

I ordered a Fabulous headband from {Just. Lovely. Things} and the
Lovely, Heather Smith!
It came wrapped up so Gorgeous I didn't want to open it :)

Check out her Etsy Shop! The only problem is....She sells out fast! So keep
on your toes!
She Always post on her FB page when she has uploaded new
things to her shop. SO, that is a good place to get the info!

She takes custom
orders as well! And man, oh man, I have NOT seen a ugly headband yet...They are ALL Gorgeous!

Heather has a FAB blog as well! Check her out!
Now for The MASS amount of self portraits lol. I wish I was better at taking pictures :)

Yeah, There it is....Hope you check Heather out :) And when I say check her out I really mean...Check her shop out. She IS super hot But she is married...So Don't go there :) lol

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