Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This little boy has so much energy...we needed something to help him get his energy out!
This is his first day riding...
He has gotten so fast on that little bike!

 LOVE his helmet :)

So, not that you have seen the little boy on his bike...I have to tell you a funny story....My kid's imagination is amazing.

After riding his bike to the park, we were on our way back and he was going pretty fast. when he looks up at the pine trees to his right and dead stops. He looks and papa and says, "this is durango?" he rides a bit farther and stops..."Yeah! Papa! It's durango! We're in Durango!" Can you tell he LOVED being in durango with the whole family? He constantly asks to go back and for a second dreamed his wish came true :)
He loves that bike :) Little blessings...

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  1. I was thinking, "wow he can ride without training wheels already!" then I realized the bike has no pedals at all.


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