Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers day is a special day...It is a day to celebrate all the rest of the days ALL year where we are MOTHERS to our children. This makes me looks at all the sweet times, kisses, and hugs....The cuddling and LOVE.

It makes me think back on all the trips to the potty, buggers wiped, diapers changed, meals fed, nap times, messes cleaned up, discipline, and baths given.

It also makes me think about what I can do better. What I need to change.
I look back at this year. And along with all the love and hugs and kisses...I see impatience and exasperation. Something I wish was not there. But in reality. It is something I NEED to work on.

Mothers day to me, is not only about celebration. It is about making this year BETTER. more glorifying to MY savior.  He is my rock and my strong tower, in whom I can trust. My desire is to be more like HIM.

Truth is...I ADORE being a mama. I ADORE everything about being a mama. Even the hard times, because God has given me these two beautiful gifts, that I can share with my husband, that complete our lives.

Children are gifts :)


JUST a FEW things that make our lives so CRAZY and SWEET at the same time :)

1. London says,"Mama, I am going to go hide and pick my buggers."

2. Rivie...SCREAMS randomly. Two reasons for this. 1. he is extremely excited or 2. he is MAD because someone is TRYING to steal his toy :) Notice the word trying. :)

3. London says as we are putting him to bed...."Mama, I want 2 kisses and 5 kisses :)" all with a huge smile on his cute face."

4. "Mama, I have to go potty again" Notice the "again" lol I think he picked that up from me saying....AGAIN???

5. Rivie...Constant hugs and kisses :)

6. London... "hold me mama...hold me!"

7. "I LOVE you mama :)"

8. Rivers says, "mama" enough said...

9. London to Papa(his daddy) "I want to go wis mama."

10. Rivers DANCING and headbanging to diego...BEST. thing. ever.

11. Rivies poop explosions.

12. Disobedience...Correcting disobedience...

13. Breaking up fights

14. cleaning up endless messes under Rivers highchair.

Also, I wanted to tell you all a little about my mama...

My mama....

I ADORE my mama. She is such a MASSIVE blessing in my life. I can go to her at anytime, with any problem big or small. She prays with me and points me to the BIG picture. She brings perspective and always loves no matter the circumstances. She is a truly amazing woman. Her faith shines through so everyone can see. She shares her faith without fail and has a servant heart. She will help anyone who is in need without question.
My mama is a blessing to everyone around her. She takes care of my two small boys once a week so that I can go on a date with my husband. She respects my parenting style. She respects my husband and my decisions.
My mama selflessly taught my sisters and I though school. She was a wonderful teacher. I learned so much. Even though I was constantly rebelling about homework she was always there to gently push me in the right direction.
My mama has impacted my faith, taught me how to love, gave me a love for learning, taught me how to be a respectful and loving wife, she taught me what it means to be a servant and to be strong and courageous. I LOVE my mama. I RESPECT my mama. I ADORE my mama. She is the woman I desire to be. BUT the most amazing thing is she gives all the credit to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Happy Mothers Day!

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