Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Mission


Handmade is my passion.

I believe that God made us ALL unique and special in our own special way.

I believe in supporting people who use the gifts of creativity that God gave them.

I believe that creativity is a stress reliever.

I believe that LOVE goes into every handmade piece.

Prayer gets me through and Jesus makes my creativity grow and blossom.

I have a HUGE desire to help people expand their businesses.

I LOVE making new friends.

I ADORE buying handmade.

I adore giving handmade.

I squeal when I receive something handmade in the mail :)

Anyone who needs help expanding their business or reaching a bit of a different crowd...I am here to help :)

Loves to all of you!


  1. I would love any help that you have to offer. I just started an etsy shop and its all still super new to me. Any suggestions?


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