Monday, May 16, 2011

Pick me up # 2

SOO do you remember THIS post?? If not you should read it :) this is the sequel...

Pick me up numero dos :)

1. So yesterday I decided to pretend I was a kid again and bounce down one of these bad boys...

This is what happened...

I proceeded to whine about it all day...mature right??

2. I let this kid pee outside...quite frequently...

3. Rivers is pretty sad we are weaning....he spent most of the day whining about it. We were quite the pair.
4. Look at those SERIOUS need of some tender care :) nail polish chipping and EVERYTHING.

5. Sometimes let rivers run around in a free diaper from Church...cuz I forgot to give them an extra cloth diaper...My BAD...

6. Sometimes he walks all over the neighborhood in a diaper and NO shoes :) Oh, and he puts on a dancing performance on the curb :)

7. I let my kids drink off the sidewalk....

8. Oh, I mentioned last time...I have an obsession with milky ways...That is not entirely true. I am obsessed with the chocolate on milky ways! I eat ALL the chocolate off and give the rest to Jon. He doesn't mind He likes the insides best... lol Why is the chocolate so stinkin good on milky ways?? Yeah...I NEED to start running again.

9. I have some major hostility towards blogger....makes me want to pull my hair out...I don't think that is a secret...

10. JON IS OUT OF SCHOOL FOR THE SEMESTER...we have three whole weeks of freedom... AND I AM THE ONE WHO FEELS FREE!

Hang loose friends :) I am pretty sure
1. you love me more .....
2. you are totally grossed out....



  1. Nice Post! Glad I found this blog!

    If you're into photography, check out my blog. I'm a photographer!

    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same. Thank you. :)

  2. I'd say I love you the diaper photos. Its so much easier in the warm weather than having to clean up and change 3 shirts a day. I got a playmate for him.

    Good luck with the weaning....its a catch 22 you want time but then you feel like your not needed as much. lol At least I did...but Im a nut

    I missed out on all the blogger problems bcuz I was in SC..thankfully. I get road rage with bad drivers so blogging issues isnt good for me.

    I LOVE YOU even if you gross me out! Being REAL and being YOU is the ONLY WAY TO BE!!!!

    Lucky 7 Design

  3. Ew.

    Actually I laughed the whole way through, mainly because you and I are destined to be friends. Including the part about our children drinking out of puddles, Jack did that yesterday and I thought, GROSS. Instead of stopping him, I took a picture. Go me.

    Milky Ways...DEEELISH. I need another one. I mean, what? I don't eat junk food. Ever.

  4. Omg!! I'm laughing hysterically at everything in this post! Mostly the pic of your elbow because this weekend was my sons 4th bday and we rented a big jumper/slide, much like the one in your photo, and I was determined I was going to have a blast on it!!! Long story short my elbow looks just like yours!!! It didn't look like much for a long while but burned like fire and nobody cared!! Loved all your honesty and the pics!

  5. This is so awesome! Love it! I totally understand EXACTLY how you feel...and that milky way bar is so not what I needed to see right now. ha. Super yummy! :) Thanks for sharing your blog, love it! xoxo


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