Monday, June 13, 2011

Weight loss Journey - Week 1

So, I am going to do a weekly series on my sweet hubby. He has recently decided to start working off the pounds. :)

SO, to encourage him... and keep him accountable, I am showing ALL of YOU his success :)

He is putting himself out there and hoping to encourage all of YOU as well!

Week one Stats... 6-6-2011

Starting weight: 272 lbs

Height: 6'1"

Taking all measurements this week!

Goal weight: 225

I keep telling him he needs to uncover the sexy side muscle just above the hip...Yeah, and NOW you know why I fell for him so quickly...Which reminds me...I need to tell ya'll that story!

Enough about us. This is about the hubby!

First week pics

There you have it! Measurements and updated pics next Monday!

He would LOVE some encouragement! He is always reading my blog and is SO stoked about this series!

Did I mention he has his personal training license and is about 18 credits away from his exercise science degree?? This guy KNOWS what he is doing.... SO...
Leave him a comment encouragement or questions welcome! 


  1. Well I'm so proud of him for being so willing and vulnerable to the world of blogging! This is a great step! I thought about posting pics as means of motivation for weight loss, but I'm not quite that brave!! Good luck, buddy!

    Uhm... Is that a pretzel?

  2. way to go Jon!!! I need the inspiration, 20 lbs to go to get off baby Race weight ugggggg....

  3. OMG Kels, that man truly loves you! No way Big Daddy would let me photograph him like that. By the way he is on a weightloss program.

    Damn we should live in NM. lol Hubs is 6 ft and about 20 lbs bigger. However his goal is the same as yours. I want a little meat left there but Im letting him do his thing.

    Give hubs a big hug from Lucky 7 and tell him he is awesome and he's gonna look hot for the summer!

    Ummmm since we are BFFs I have to ask what is the tat under the bellybutton. It looks like a pretzel. lol And I want a close up of the one on his back (looks like sun on my back) lol

    Seeeee even Hubs is part of the BFF club now!

    Lucky 7 Design

  4. Wishing him lots of luck and only a tiny bit of hunger :)

  5. OK-- for realsies-- I thought my man was the BOMB for making fruit kabobs for the girls dance party and for making amazing margaritas and basically running a party last weekend while i sat around chatting-- but for realsies- Your guy is in his underwear on your blog. KUDOS!! My guy draws the line at fruit kabobs (AND hardly reads my blog! at least that's what he says :)) So Jon- good luck! If you have the chutzpah to do this, weight loss will be a cinch!


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